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Suzette Reeves
Quality Care Services
Northeast Texas Call Area

My love of care-giving started when at a very young age I was introduced to the rewards of  volunteering by my Grandmother through the facility where she was employed.  I spent many afternoons and weekends helping the residents and found that I loved  being in the company of elderly persons and that I loved how it made me feel to help them.  In my teen years, I  cared for an elderly friend of my family. I loved seeing her radiant smile and I felt the genuine appreciation coming from her and her husband. My  experiences in my youth set me on a journey to naturally evolve  into a career in the healthcare industry. Beginning in my childhood years,  I learned through my family’s loving and rich history of caring for grandparents that we can all make a difference  in someone’s life.  

I’m privileged to represent Quality Care Services.  The responsibility that we as a team show for our clients care and for being a reliable, caring presence in their lives.  Impacting clients and their families, making a difference to them and becoming an integral part of their lives is my true calling in life.

Quality Care Services has given me the career that fills my heart. It is a true blessing to have a career in which I have the opportunity to make changes in our clients and families lives everyday.

Suzette Reeves
Client Services Manager

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